Sunday, December 8, 2013

                           CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

The Mouse King's musicians are playing this year.  Come one, come all!
If you find yourself in the Mouse Woodland this Christmas eve. this is a performance that you will not want to miss. 
The Dainty Mouse Dancing Troupe will return with their spectacularly athletic, yet, dainty feats designed to mystify and amaze.  You must come, they are so pretty and magical!  
The Opera Singing Mice Return!
The Mouse Woodland rings with splendid coloratura when these two meeses sing.  There will also be a candlelight service with carols.

Has anyone spotted the Mouse King Yet?

Remember that you must follow him to the Mouse King Party.  If you cannot find him ask the birds.  They will tell you where he is and where the party is being held this year.
If you are reading this and you are not a mouse, follow these instructions:
When you go to bed on Christmas eve. pretend to sleep.  While it is true that you cannot fool Santa, the Sandman is so sleepy he is easy to convince.  Grab hold of his coattails.  He is obligated to drop anyone off in the outskirts of Mouse Woodland if they are lucky enough to catch him. From there, the giant tortoise will give you a ride to the heart of the woods.  Don't forget to ask the birds for directions. 

Merry CHRISTMAS to all!



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