Word house

A House for Words

A house for words, or Lexicon.

A list of interesting words or phrases that catch my fancy

and maybe a story or two to go with them.

Book sprite and her cat.

If  one checked a certain blog from time to time, perhaps a word accompanied by a small story will appear.

Perhaps a picture
                       a drawing
                                      a thought

                                                a phrase

          1. Vignette any small, pleasing picture or view.  A small, graceful literary sketch.
          2. Whimsy a capricious notion or fancy.  Deviation from the ordinary.
          3. Caprice a sudden turn of the mind without apparent motive.
          4. Plunge a sudden and heavy violent pitching forward of the body.  Immerse, submerge, dip suddenly.
          5. Ubiquitous  Everywhere, pervasively present as God, an influence. 
          6. Ubiquity  The capacity of being everywhere at the same time.
          7. Intuition  To look,  to receive knowledge by direct perception.
          8. Intuit   Beholding
          9. Lissom, or lithesome supple, limber, agile.
          10. Ambiguity  Doubtful, not clearly defined.
          11. Declivity  Downward slope (of a hill etc.)  I could see the stones jumping down the declivities.
          12. Quintessence  Fifth essence of ancient and mediaeval philosophy, supposed to be substance of which the heavenly bodies were composed and to be latent in all things.  The most essential part of any substance; a highly refined essence or extract.  The purest and most perfect form or manifestation of some quality.
          13. Latent  Hidden, concealed.
          14. Glimmer To glitter, to flash.  To give a faint or intermittent light.
          15. Transcend To rise above, or go beyond, overpass; exceed: to out do or exceed in excellence.
          16. Multifarious  Having great variety; many and various.  Arranged in many rows, as leaves.
          17. Revel Riotous or noisy mirth or merry -making.  An occasion or course of merry making or noisy festivity, with dancing, games, masking, acting, or other forms of lively entertainment.

          18. Gloaming Twilight, the beginning of  evening.





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